About Our Company

When it comes to infrastructure demolition or dismantling projects in the Carol Stream area, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management is your best option. Our company offers industrial demolition, relocation, decommissioning, removal, recycling and cleanup services, which are developed by our demolition contractors at the first call and regardless of the type of place and size, industrial or commercial.

Our contractors will be in charge of carrying out the controlled building demolition, matching the estimate given to the client and with a work schedule as short as possible to the point of not requiring any additional contractor.

Industrial Demolition Contractor | Heavy Haulers, Machine Movers | Asbestos Removal

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Notably, we are also the only Carol Stream demolition company to offer quotas for emergency demolition projects and develop same day projects, in the event that the company you originally hired for the work fails to meet its obligations. Apart from this, we organize and provide a wide portfolio of options from site clean-up to full-scale demolition, which will develop our in-house building demolition contractors within a 24 hour period on a timed basis.


Our full list of services include:

Industrial Plant Demolition

Power Plant Demolition

Turnkey Demolition

Closed Business Demolition

Selective Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition

Cell Tower Demolition

Plant Decommissioning

Plant Relocation

Heavy Equipment Transportation

Machinery Rigging

Tank Removal

Silo Removal

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Scrap Machinery Recycling

On Site Recycling and Processing

Commercial-Industrial Roll Off Service

Metal Purchasing and Cleanup

Asset and Investment Recovery

Asbestos Abatement

Worksite Cleanup

Boneyard Cleanup

Liquidation, Cleanouts, Closeouts

We are also a demolition company specialized in large-scale demolition tasks including: metal management, heavy equipment transportation, machinery rigging, aluminum recycling, asbestos abatement, and relocation or recommissioning projects. If you wish to receive confidential estimates regarding demolition projects, you can contact us by phone or online..

Our Service Process

Because our industrial demolition projects are the most sought after, but also tedious on the market, we will explain a little more about our process in order to provide you with the smoothest experience possible:

  • A qualified estimator will do a complete walkthrough of the site.
  • A demolition team will develop and submit a plan, subject to your approval.
  • If hazardous products are involved in the process, our team will obtain the respective special permissions to manage them.
  • The demolition team will establish in situ and organize necessary work, removal, and loading areas.
  • Roll-off bins will be installed in designated areas.
  • The demolition process begins.
  • Larger equipment and machinery parts are prepared and removed to a disposal facility.
  • Site cleanup begins after demolition is complete.
  • Upon completion, all the site is left in clean condition.

If required, additional steps may be included in the scenario of more complicated tasks.