About Our Company

Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our work team, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management has become over time one of the most important controlled demolition companies in Elk Grove Village and its surrounding areas. We specialize in demolition, relocation, decommissioning, removal, and cleaning work, regardless of the magnitude of the work or its logistics; all with the objective that you can carry out your plans automatically and without the need to make additional expenses by hiring third-party contractors.

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We also specialize in the demolition of large structures in open spaces such as soft strip demolition and cell tower demolition, as well as the removal of materials for their respective disposal such as metals and asbestos. The same can be said of emergency demolition work on the same day that you request it in case the company that originally hired for such work does not carry it out. We take care that it happens as soon as possible within a 24-hour period.


Our full list of services include:

Industrial Plant Demolition

Power Plant Demolition

Turnkey Demolition

Closed Business Demolition

Selective Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition

Cell Tower Demolition

Plant Decommissioning

Plant Relocation

Heavy Equipment Transportation

Machinery Rigging

Tank Removal

Silo Removal

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Scrap Machinery Recycling

On Site Recycling and Processing

Commercial-Industrial Roll Off Service

Metal Purchasing and Cleanup

Asset and Investment Recovery

Asbestos Abatement

Worksite Cleanup

Boneyard Cleanup

Liquidation, Cleanouts, Closeouts

We make sure to follow the budget and the schedule of the works in order to carry them out as soon as possible and thus maintain the satisfaction rates of our clients at the highest standards. Contact us if you want to know more about our work and put your trust in us!

Our Service Process

Next, we will show you a general summary of our demolition construction process, which is highly valued but highly complex in terms of logistics:

  • One of our workers will take a tour of the site.
  • Our demolition team will make the necessary plans for the demolition, which must be approved by the interested party.
  • Special permits will be obtained in case dangerous products have to be handled.
  • Our team of contractors will establish an operations center in the demolition zone, as well as work, removal, and loading areas.
  • Roll-off bins will be installed in designated areas.
  • Demolition activities will proceed.
  • Long equipment and machinery will be removed to take them to a facility where they will be completely dismantled.
  • At the end of the demolition, the cleaning work will begin.
  • After cleaning, the areas will be left in a clean condition and the area will be cordoned off.

It should be noted that more procedures will be added to the tasks in case they become more complex to perform.