About Our Company

When it comes to performing high quality demolition construction procedures in the Naperville area, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management is the company that most excels in that field. Apart from having plant removal services where their demolition, relocation, removal of materials for their respective disposal or recycling and cleaning services are contemplated, we also have expert managers and contractors to guarantee that demolition planning and processes are carried out in the shortest period possible to prevent customers from making unnecessary expenses in terms of a third party contract.


Apart from this, we are a company that, unlike the others, offer immediate demolition services requested the same day, in the event that the original contractor company has not been able to do it on time for various reasons. For this, it is recommended to place the order with some advance notice so that our team all the necessary logistics to carry it out without inconvenience and in a responsible way.


Our full list of services include:

Industrial Plant Demolition

Power Plant Demolition

Turnkey Demolition

Closed Business Demolition

Selective Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition

Cell Tower Demolition

Plant Decommissioning

Plant Relocation

Heavy Equipment Transportation

Machinery Rigging

Tank Removal

Silo Removal

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Scrap Machinery Recycling

On Site Recycling and Processing

Commercial-Industrial Roll Off Service

Metal Purchasing and Cleanup

Asset and Investment Recovery

Asbestos Abatement

Worksite Cleanup

Boneyard Cleanup

Liquidation, Cleanouts, Closeouts

If you want to quote with us, you can do it free of charge and we will take care of providing you with an estimated budget of the work as well as the time frames required to do the work. If you agree in the end, we will proceed to carry them out as soon as possible. Put your trust in us, you will not regret it!

Our Service Process

Although industrial demolition projects can be tedious due to their logistics, you do not have to worry about it, since we will explain our processes in detail below:

  • A qualified member will conduct a walk around the site.
  • Our demolition team will proceed to create and display a demolition master plan, which must be approved by you before proceeding with any work.
  • If necessary, we will obtain special permits to remove hazardous materials.
  • Our demolition contractors will establish your operations center on site and establish the respective work, loading and removal points.
  • Roll-off bins will be placed to place the waste easier to remove.
  • The demolition will begin.
  • Larger equipment, as well as machinery, will be removed from the site to be sent to a disposal facility.
  • When the demolition is complete, clean-up work will take place at the site.
  • Upon completion, all sites will be in a clean and acceptable condition.

Important note: Additional steps could be included in the process for more complicated tasks.