About Our Company

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management is perhaps the best company the town of Rockford has when it comes to controlled demolition. Our work team is made up of managers and contractors who are experts in the field of industrial plant relocation services, demolition, relocation, decommissioning, removal and cleanup services; who will make sure your demolition project, from demolishing a house to building demolition, runs as smoothly as possible.

Industrial Demolition Contractor | Machine Movers, Heavy Haulers | Asbestos Removal

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We try to work with a budget pre-adjusted to your needs and under the jointly stipulated deadlines. What’s more, we also offer emergency demolition services the same day you request it in the event that your original contractor fails to comply with contractual agreements due to force majeure. We take care that the plant decommissioning process is carried out within a 24-hour period and in a timed and responsible manner.


Our full list of services include:

Industrial Plant Demolition

Power Plant Demolition

Turnkey Demolition

Closed Business Demolition

Selective Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition

Cell Tower Demolition

Plant Decommissioning

Plant Relocation

Heavy Equipment Transportation

Machinery Rigging

Tank Removal

Silo Removal

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Scrap Machinery Recycling

On Site Recycling and Processing

Commercial-Industrial Roll Off Service

Metal Purchasing and Cleanup

Asset and Investment Recovery

Asbestos Abatement

Worksite Cleanup

Boneyard Cleanup

Liquidation, Cleanouts, Closeouts

Furthermore, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management is also an industrial demolition company that is in charge of providing a first-class service in terms of large-scale demolitions, metal management, transportation of heavy equipment to the site, machinery rigging, scrap metals and asbestos, etc. If you want to know more information about our service portfolio or assign us some work, you can contact us. We will gladly assist you with anything you need!

Our Service Process

We are aware that a selective demo project can be quite tedious due to its logistics and difficulty. Therefore, we will show you a general summary of our procedures so that you can have an idea of ​​what will be done.

  • A qualified estimator will do a complete walkthrough of the site.
  • Our demolition team will create and submit a master demolition plan, which will be subject to your approval before proceeding.
  • Our demolition team will obtain the necessary permits to manage any hazardous products on site.
  • Our demolition team will establish its operation center on site and organize the necessary work, removal, and loading areas.
  • Roll-off disposal bins will be installed in designated areas.
  • Demolition proceedings begin.
  • Larger equipment are prepared and removed to its respective disposal facility.
  • Site cleanup begins after demolition.
  • Upon completion of the demolition procedures, the site is left in a clean condition.

In case of more complicated projects, additional steps may be included in the plan.