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Facts To Take Into Consideration When Thinking About Home Or Business Asbestos Removal.

Asbestos fibers, which are microscopic in size, are extremely robust and resistant to fire and other forms of harm. For decades, this material was utilized in houses and businesses. Unfortunately, asbestos is also associated with a number of well-documented health concerns. This has also been associated with mesothelioma, a rare and fatal disease that affects the linings of the heart, lungs, and abdomen. That’s just one of numerous reasons to consider residential or commercial asbestos cleaning, a procedure best left to experts with the appropriate knowledge and resources, such as Industrial Demolition & Metal Management.


Asbestos was commonly utilized in home construction from the early 1940s until the 1970s. If you own a property built throughout that time period, asbestos could be present in areas you didn’t think to examine. Although you may be aware that asbestos was frequently used in blown-in attic insulation, there are several additional potential sources of asbestos in an older house, even those that have been renovated several times since the 1970s. Asbestos sources that are hidden or ignored might pose a health risk in many cases. Some of these frequently ignored home asbestos sources include:

– Gypsum
– Wood flooring glue
– Pipe material used in HVAC systems
– Siding and roofing materials
– Window sealing and tinting
– Vinyl floor tiles
– Linoleum


Asbestos was outlawed in 1977 in the United States in textured ceiling paint. You may have ceilings in your company with some kind of asbestos although your ceilings have been renovated or colored several times since then. This applies particularly if you just have a new one over your previous ceilings. Just when you can not see the older ceiling with asbestos, it does not mean that fibers and dangerous particles still do not enter your duct and into the air that someone breathes in your house or company.


Asbestos was frequently utilized in commercial buildings until the 1970s. You may still have some asbestos-containing materials in your business facilities. Assuming your business buildings were built between the 1940s and the early 1970s, potential asbestos origins include:
Boilers and heating tanks
Older furnishings
Electrical wiring connections
Noxious chemicals container
Roofing coatings and sealants
Coverings and cement pipes


There are numerous reasons to remove asbestos whether you have just seen symptoms of worn or damaged asbestos materials or if you are planning a big refurbishment. However, conducting this work oneself may bring other hazards, for example, unintended exposure to hazardous fibers and the accidental spread of asbestos.

Our professionals are provided with the necessary tools and abilities to properly remove asbestos anywhere in your house or company. Our asbestos removal service includes proper cleanup and monitoring tests, in order to verify that your interior areas do not contain persistent fibers or particles.

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management can help if you suspect that you have asbestos in your living space or work areas. We provide an extensive removal service for asbestos. Call us today, so our team can start working on your solutions!

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