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Selective Demolition

Selective Demolition in Chicago and across the United States

In certain cases, total demolition of a structure is not required and only specific sections of a home or building need to be demolished. This demolition takes place within an existing structure and is incredibly delicate. It is known as selective demolition.

In some instances, you may need to simply remove a ceiling or a few walls and leave the remainder of the structure completely intact. It may even be possible that you wish to add some stories to an existing building. It is difficult to encounter the necessary precision for such a job, which is why you should contact Industrial Demolition & Metal Management. Our expert team operates with the precision of a brain surgeon, exclusively demolishing what is necessary.

We possess the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to carry out even the most complicated selective demolition in Chicago has ever seen. Do you require demolishing a structure that has walls in common with a building you have no plans to destroy? We’ve been there. Do you need to remove a roof in order to add more stories above? We’ve done that. Would you like to remove a single wall? We’ve done that too.

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Required Homework

Each selective demo property owners carry out is different and involves taking each and every variable into consideration. Even the tiniest of selective demolition services from Chicago has seen require comprehensive planning to make sure of pinpoint precision. This degree of attention to detail comes with an assessment process. A few of the details taken into consideration include the materials involved, interference with other existing structures and utility lines, and assembling the team most ideally suited to take on the project.

For any and all of your selective demolition needs, the team at Industrial Demolition & Metal Management can handle them.

Our selective demolition projects from Chicago across the entire USA strive to minimize impact on other tenants of a site. Keeping selective projects clean and free of airborne contaminants allows your sites to maintain day to day functions during selective demolitions.

Be Sure You Don’t Demolish or Damage Valuable Assets

Let us know what site you need selectively demolished while maintaining daily operations.