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Plant Decommissioning

Plant Decommissioning and Demolition

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management has been an industry leader for many years when it comes to plant closure, deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition projects. No matter if you require decommission of a manufacturing plant, chemical plant, or industrial plant, we would love to be your contractor of choice.

Decommissioning services are needed to prep facilities for disposition — no matter if it is for reuse or demolition. Plant decommissioning demands close collaboration with regulators and other stakeholders to achieve the safe disposition of materials within budgetary and scheduling limitations as well as regulatory frameworks.

Our company provides a specific combination of regulatory and engineering expertise, technical capabilities and manpower, and a commitment to safety to carry out nearly any decommissioning project.

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Turnkey Approach

Your project begins and ends with us, as indicated in our turnkey approach. Our skilled Engineers and Project Managers offer project planning and implementation that include demolition design and coordination, environmental management, and asset management in order to maximize investment recovery. By utilizing our in-house resources for environmental abatement and site restoration, we can respond swiftly and effectively to ever-changing environmental conditions on site.

Additionally, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management possesses one of the largest fleets of specialized demolition and decommissioning equipment – which lets us to bring all the technology needed to handle plant removal needs in addition to plant demolition or decommissioning projects of any complexity or scope. This fleet, in combination with our commitment to continual improvement and decades of experience has earned us a reputation for exceeding client expectations.

Planning and strategy are the name of the game for plant decommissioning. You tell us about the job you need done and we’ll figure it out from there.

There are too many types of industrial and power plants to list, let alone list the differences based on age. Our job is to make sure any plant decommissioning is done safely and efficiently.

Get a Customized Industrial Plant Decommissioning Plan

There is no ‘go-to’ plan for an industrial decommissioning job. Each estimate and plan of action is based on our customers specific job and needs. We know how important scheduling and sticking to a time frame can be.