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What Types of Building Demolition Chicago do we Offer?

We utilize a variety of different demolition methods, based on the requirements of each project. As demolition contractors in Chicago, we offer selective, interior, and total demolition based on the needs of our clients. Selective demolition refers to removal of only specific arts of a building. In interior demolition, we demolish interior areas such as ceilings and walls but the outside of a building stays intact. Total demolition refers to the process of destruction and disposal of an entire building, including some of the best controlled demolition in Chicago.

We are a Certified Industrial Demolition Company Chicago

All of our demolition contractors are licensed, certified, and insured. We have many years of experience in the field as a demolition company in Chicago. We manage varied sizable projects in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois.

We perform Controlled Demolition Chicago on
different structures

We have performed total building demolition on many types of structures under many different circumstances. Industrial Demolition & Metal Management can demolish and dispose of the complete structure, including footings and foundations as well as site work, providing the client with a blank canvas on which to prepare a masterpiece, no matter the structure or building type. At Industrial Demolition & Metal Management, we perform industrial demolition in Chicago for commercial structures such as warehouses, office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels, industrial/manufacturing buildings, and schools. We can also provide total demolition of large-scale residential buildings, like apartment complexes and condo buildings as well as single family homes. We are experienced in demolition of other structures such as bridges, water towers, chimney stacks structures, abutments, railway structures, and more. We provide turnkey service (includes permits, hazardous materials removal and disposal, utilities disconnect, recycling and disposal service, etc) for all demolition and structure types.

As experienced Demolition contractors Chicago we can use many Building Demolition Methods

Depending on the desired results, we have several method options for performing total building demolition. When deciding the appropriate method, we take into account structure type and building surroundings. For example, we use a different method for demolishing an urban structure in a densely populated/high-traffic area versus the method used to demolish a structure located in a rural area. When we are in a metropolitan area, we must consider nearby buildings, cars, and pedestrians.

What Happens After Controlled Building Demolition Chicago

Efficient Professional Demolition Cleanup

We go above and beyond to consider the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and demolition cleanup is an important component. Our team is incredibly efficient with demolition cleanups immediately following the demolition. Our experience allows us to expedite the cleanup process without sacrificing our service quality in any way.
Additionally, our experience with past demolition cleanups has caused us to seek and discover the proper tools for the most adequate and extensive cleanups, expediting demolition project completion.
Many of the same tools required for cleanup are used for the demolition itself. For this reason, we are an ideal choice as commercial demolition contractors in Chicago as we already have the necessary machinery including excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, and more. We are committed to providing an extensive post-demolition clean on a client’s property.

Enhanced Safety in post demolition clean up

Everyone is looking to have a clean and safe site on which to receive visitors, customers, and employees in a secure manner. Post demolition clean ups prevent the issues of stray nails and sharp pieces of debris which can result in injury. They provide a safer space, allowing everyone on site to rest assured they can circulate freely without risking a painful, and possibly expensive, accident or injury. Our team at Industrial Demolition & Metal Management In fact, closely follows health and safety guidelines.