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Commercial Demolition Contractors

We are a Certified Commercial Demolition Contractors Near Me Chicago

All of our commercial demolition contractor near me Chicago are licensed, certified, and insured. We have many years of experience in the field as a demolition company near me Chicago. We manage varied sizable projects in the Chicagoland and throughout Illinois.

We are certified

We are a member of National Demolition Association

We are licensed

Commercial Demolition of super tall buildings must be done only by the team of experts.
Rely On Our Team – Commercial Demolition Contractor Near Me Chicago

Tall buildings have to be flattened if they are damaged, have fallen out of favor, or are no longer serving their original purpose. But as buildings continue to rise higher every time, such commercial demolition projects tend to be a bit tricky and complicated.

Everyone who’s seen footage of a building demolition job knows how spectacular it can look. Implosion, or making a building collapse onto itself, takes some skill and is highly specialized commercial demolition contractors Chicago.

We specialize in handling the demolition of buildings up to 700+ feet, both in Chicago and across the United States.

Our commercial demolition company near me in Chicago has options on how to deal with taking down tall buildings. Building commercial demolition contractors near me Chicago can dismantle the structure by floors, starting from the top, but structural damage might make it unsafe. Our demo company can use high-reach mechanical excavators with long arms to remove damaged high rises by pulling down the upper stories.
An alternative could be pulling the exterior wall inside using a crane once the interior has been gutted, but only if it is not part of the structure but forms an outer covering.
Another technique used for a commercial building demolition job is strategically attaching charges to take out a structure’s support, so it implodes.
However, every building is different, and every project requires a different strategy. We understand that, and we will be glad to share our knowledge with you and deliver the building demolition plan in detail before we begin our work.

We perform Commercial & Controlled Demolition on different structures

We have performed total commercial & controlled building demolition on many types of structures under many different circumstances. Industrial Demolition & Metal Management can demolish and dispose of the complete structure, including footings and foundations as well as site work, providing the client with a blank canvas on which to prepare a masterpiece, no matter the structure or building type. We perform controlled demolition for commercial structures such as warehouses, office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels, industrial/manufacturing buildings, and schools. We can also provide total commercial demolition of large-scale residential buildings, like apartment complexes and condo buildings as well as single family homes. We are experienced in commercial & controlled demolition of other structures such as bridges, water towers, chimney stacks structures, abutments, railway structures, and more. We provide turnkey service (includes permits, hazardous materials removal and disposal, utilities disconnect, recycling and disposal service, etc) for all demolition and structure types.

As experienced Commercial Demolition contractors from Chicago we can use many Building Demolition Methods

Depending on the desired results, we have several method options for performing total commercial building demolition. When deciding the appropriate method, we take into account structure type and building surroundings. For example, we use a different method for demolishing an urban structure in a densely populated/high-traffic area versus the method used to demolish a structure located in a rural area. When we are in a metropolitan area, we must consider nearby buildings, cars, and pedestrians.

Commercial Demolition & Metal Management Uses specialistic methods of controlled demolition!

High Reach Demolition

We recommend high-reach controlled demolition contractor Chicago for projects in industrial demolition in order to minimize the risk for our operatives working at height. We have Ultra High Reach and High Reach excavators, for projects that require them, as an affordable commercial demolition services option to carry out varied controlled demolition tasks such as building demolition. Our professional commercial demolition contractors near me Chicago can fit pulverizers, metal cutting shears, re-handling buckets, grabs, grapples, crackers, or hydraulic breakers for versatile high-reach excavators such as demolition of towers made of reinforced concrete construction or with steel frames.
High-reach controlled demolition has proven to have excellent productivity as well as outstanding output in comparison to more traditional ‘top-down demolition’ and is also much safer. When used in combination with Concrete Crackers, high-reach demolition can accomplish industrial demolition projects without the necessity to utilize mini excavators or percussive breaker. High-reach demolition also brings the advantage of low noise emissions for closed-in city areas.

Implosion Demolition

Although it is the most impressive form of demolition, merely 1% of commercial demolition contractors Chicago use implosion, due to this method’s specialized nature. This method involves the use of explosives to blow out a building’s principal supports from the inside, thus achieving building demolition.
Two methods are utilized for the proper implosion of a building. If there is plenty of space, building demolition contractors near me Chicago will likely attach explosives to the building’s left columns, causing it to fall to one side. Cables are used to control the building collapse itself and to provide additional safety. In reduced spaces, explosives are placed throughout a building’s lower structural support system resulting in the building collapsing onto itself.

Wrecking Ball Demolition

Wrecking ball demolition is basically the most well-known method, involving the use of a 12,000 pound steel ball that is suspended from a crane and then swung upon the building at full force. The gravity, the inertia, and the weight of the ball all contribute to the building’s demolition. Various methods are utilized by an industrial demolition company in order to release the wrecking ball such as dropping it from an extended height, dragging it back and letting it go, and using the crane to whip the ball into the structure. Swinging precision is crucial as it is literally impossible to control the trajectory of the wrecking ball after impact and destruction.
The characteristics of a wrecking ball are similar to those of a pendulum with resting gravitational potential and energy stored in its weight. The crane operator creates the necessary momentum to result in the appropriate amount of force as the weight is released and the energy is converted to motion. Gravity plays a major role and the higher the release point, the greater the speed and impact.

What Happens After Controlled Building Demolition

Efficient Professional Demolition Cleanup

We go above and beyond to consider the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and demolition cleanup is an important component. Our team is incredibly efficient with demolition cleanups immediately following the demolition.

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Enhanced Safety in post demolition clean up

Everyone is looking to have a clean and safe site on which to receive visitors, customers, and employees in a secure manner. Post demolition clean ups prevent the issues of stray nails and sharp pieces of debris which can result in injury.

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Super Tall Commercial Building Demolition is a Job for the Experts
Rely on Industrial Demolition & Metal Management

For various reasons, sometimes tall buildings need to be torn down and replaced. As one can imagine, demolition of super tall buildings is a complicated task, especially as skyscrapers get bigger and bigger every year – making the task more and more complicated for commercial demolition contractors near me Chicago. Now, it is likely you have seen some pretty amazing footage of huge towers being blown up on purpose, but this is not always the best method for building demolition, especially in densely packed areas.
This method of getting a building to collapse in on itself is called implosion and takes a very experienced demolition company to do safely. Since implosion is complicated and not always permitted, engineers have come up with many alternatives to demolish very tall buildings.

How can we handle demolition of buildings up to 700+ feet?

A common method for demolition construction is to take it down from top to bottom. Unfortunately, structural damages from age or fire can make this method too risky.

As well, when the exterior wall is separate from the structure, the inside de can be gutted and a crane can be used to pull the exterior inside before continuing with commercial building demolition.

Alternatively, demolition contractor Chicago can use a special high-reach excavator to pull down the upper levels first, and later continue downwards with the controlled demolition.

Last, when permitted, the demolition company can use implosion techniques, where strategically placed explosive charges are used to remove the building’s support structure and have it collapse in on itself.