Industrial Demolition & Metal Management Reviews – What our customers say?

The building was there one day and gone the next! This impressive team of demolition contractors did a fantastic job. Their skill is undeniable, and our Chicago site was left debris-free and ready for the following contractors. Impressive work!

We were relieved to find out that this demolition company in Chicago, offering recycling services as well. All the scrap metal and aluminium was sorted and later picked up by the scrap metal recycling company. It is comforting to know they are environmentally conscious.

Skilled contractors in Chicago performed controlled demolition of part of our building. It was amazing to see how precise they were using those large excavating machines. We can highly recommend this company.

The Chicago demolition company we hired did a brilliant job removing the old buildings. They were fast and efficient, all the while focusing on safety and recycling wherever possible. Thank you for your excellent service.

To our dismay, we discovered asbestos in our building. The asbestos removal company in Chicago was careful and dedicated to removing the old toxic asbestos. We are thankful for their skill and consideration of our planet.

The company in Chicago providing heavy equipment transportation was reliable and on schedule. The drivers were equally impressive manipulating the heavy haulers once they were off the trailer. Nice work, guys!

When we needed the big guys to come in and do the demolition and debris removal, we called this company. They safely delivered the necessary machines required for the work. We found them reliable and well priced!

For the big machinery transport, we used your company. They were excellent, professional and skilled at the work. We are thrilled that we found your team who proved to be a perfect choice.

After our demolition, we were impressed to see that all the scrap metal and aluminium were picked up for recycling. We liked the fact that big Chicago companies are making an effort to reuse and recycle materials.

A big thank you goes out to this company that took care of our demolition. They did a  perfect job in the small time-frame they had. We can certainly recommend this Chicago team.