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Metal Purchasing, Cleanup And Recycling

Metal Management
Scrap Metal Recycling – Scrap Metal Pickup, Aluminium Recycling Near Me Chicago

All about our
Metal Management services

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management in Illinois is in the business of converting scrap and surplus materials from one company into usable materials for another company. Throughout Illinois, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management will manage all aspects of your industrial and commercial metal recycling.

Industrial and commercial scrap metal recycling has become increasingly more of a challenge as new products become more complex and environmental regulations are tightened.

Because of the high volume of usage throughout Illinois, steel, aluminum, and other basic metals are identified as commodities. They are usually the easiest to salvage. Steel and aluminum recycling are more straightforward than recycling of more complex materials like those found in electrical and electronic waste. These may often contain up to 50 different recoverable elements that can be recyclable.

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management in Illinois understands that disposing of scrap and excess materials is often influenced by a company’s need to open up needed space and convert their materials into cash that can be used more beneficially.

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Best way for Scrap Metal Recycling:
Keeping Metal Streams Separate

Some of the most popular metals to recycle are steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc and nickel. Nearly all metals can be recycled. Most can be recycled repeatedly.

Scrap metal dealers often refer to materials that are of one grade or type, uncoated, of an easily reusable size, and without attachments as “clean scrap”. This is scrap in its most valuable condition. Industrial Demolition & Metal Management in Illinois can provide detailed recommendations on ways to optimize your scrap value by separating ferrous from non-ferrous materials and removing other dissimilar materials.

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management provides our customers with
a comprehensive range of Metal Recycling services by using a 5-step process.

Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Turnings
Get more than surplus or scrap value for your nickel alloy. Call us for a comprehensive, confidential estimate today. Demolition or repurposing projects that will produce a lot of scrap, turnings and other byproducts are no problem for our team. A contractor will evaluate the turnings taken from your site and pay you for their value.

Turnings and scrap are taken from the site for recycling. Our team will handle the entire process, estimate-pickup-evaluation-recycling.

Step 1. Estimating

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management will start by meeting with you and touring your operations and storage areas. We will give you an estimate for your scrap and surplus currently on hand and explain how the final amount will be determined. If you are interested in routine, ongoing pickups, we will discuss terms of agreement for a longer-term relationship. Over the past several years scrap metal prices have risen making this a great time to be selling. Knowing the grade of your scrap metal and keeping it separated will provide you with the highest value.

In general terms, metals can be broken into 3 categories, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Other.

Grade 1 metals do not contain different alloy types. They are purely of one alloy type. Grade 1 material will have specific dimensions and will not show signs of corrosion. This grade is considered to be “clean scrap”.

Grade 2 metals must also be corrosion free and not contain any non-alloy materials. In addition to the main material, this grade can have a variety of mixed metal alloys in addition to the main material.

Other types of scrap include sheets and castings. These are special types of scrap and may be more valuable than Grade 1 or Grade 2 metals.

Step 2. Pickup

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management will pick up anywhere in Illinois. Scrap metal pickup includes the collection and management of separate scrap metal streams so you can receive the highest payment possible.

Residential scrap such as large household items can be dropped off at one of our local scrap yards. This may mean that you will need to rent a truck or van, load your junk, and haul it to us. While we are not a recycler of small items such as food and drink cans, we can schedule an appointment and often pick up your larger items, paying you cash on the spot. We are licensed as required and fully insured. Our professional haulers will pick up your scrap as soon as the day after you book. We will arrive when scheduled and respect your time, your home, and your belongings.

Give us a call to discuss your options.

Step 3. Evaluation

After we load your materials, Industrial Demolition & Metal Management will haul them to our location and weigh them on state-certified digital scales. We will then provide you with detailed weight, price per pound, and the total amount you will be reimbursed.

Current national scrap prices are available on many internet sites. These prices change daily. The exact value will differ by scrap metal dealer. We are committed to being the scrap dealer who will give you the best prices in the area.

Step 4. Payment

After weighing your materials on our state-certified digital scales, we will provide you with copies of the weight tickets.

During normal business hours, payment will be made in cash for any materials delivered to us. By contacting us in advance of delivering your own materials, we can also pay by check.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with our Accounts Payable departments, payments will be sent at the beginning of the following month.

Step 5. Recycling

The last step is releasing you from your environmental responsibilities, taking possession of your materials, and beginning the scrap metal recycling process. This process involves sorting mixed scrap, cutting some pieces down to size, compacting the metal, shredding, and melting.

Once all the metal scraps are collected they need to be sorted. Then comes processing – compacting or squeezing the metal. Material will then be purified, allowing for later solidification of the metal and conversion into metal bars that can be reused in many different fields.

What are the types of Metals you recycle?

Eliminate the need for multiple contractors.
Call us for a comprehensive, confidential estimate today.

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