Posted on: March, 2021

Being on sight of a demolition project, when handled by qualified individuals, can bring a sense of safety to the work environment, although demolition work is a hazardous profession that does involve specific risks out in the field. Several factors and calculations are taken into consideration by our team who want to impart to you the information as to just what makes demolition tasks so dangerous. The following are common risks associated with this specific sector and pertinent information to help combat suck problems.

Working At High Altitudes
Having a fear of heights may be common, but a demolition expert is required to be able to remain calm at high altitudes, as well as working in a situation where railing, walls, and perhaps even floors are missing, or the likelihood of accidents, such as falling, increase. Many large-scale and complex demolition projects demand work to be performed at dizzying heights that can often be in very tight places as well. When under such precarious conditions, having rigorous safety measures in place are important. Additionally, always using preventative measures such as outfitting the work crew with special harnesses designed to keep them secure in the unwelcome event of a fall.

Falling Material
In demolition work, safety can never be taken lightly and the risk of falling debris during a demolition project is a real threat that can potentially occur daily. US Industrial Demolition knows the importance of accident prevention and adheres to the advanced safety protocols put in place before and during every job. Additionally, the company provides the necessary protective equipment, such as hardhats, eye and ear protection, specialized boots, protective gloves, and all other advanced safety gear designated for workers’ safety. Proper planning and precise measurements are necessary; not only can debris fall, there are other potential hazards that may occur while taking down a structure, other tools and material can always become threats. Transporting or removing materials for their subsequent disposal or recycling also needs to be safely done with proper protocols using the best industry demolition and decommission practices

Dust And Debris
Dust and particles of debris are eye irritants that can lead to vision problems. If inhaled, they can also lead or worsen other health issues such as respiratory illnesses like asthma or other life threatening conditions such as lung cancer can occur after prolonged exposure. An important step to counteract such ailments is to wear proper protective eyewear and breathing equipment at all times while on a project site, since demolition, decommission, or deconstruction work comes with dust and debris being a part of everyday demolition working life.

Possible Hearing Damage
One of the most common risks associated with demolition work is hearing damage. Although worrying about falling material or accidents happening with equipment may seem like the most likely concern, hearing loss is a potential threat that should be high on the list of things to be weary of. Continuous exposure to high decibels of sound has a negative impact on demolition workers’ hearing and should be taken seriously. One of the best ways to protect against hearing damage is to wear protection such as over-the-ear hearing protective gear or earplugs.

Exposure To Weather Conditions
Demolition workers are exposed to all the elements throughout the year, whether its heat waves, high solar rays, rain, wind, snow, sleet or hail, the projects continue. A worker is likely to find themselves in the way of one of Mother Nature’s elements and one needs to be prepared to work in extreme weather conditions, in order to avoid a variety of health issues that come from prolonged exposure. It is essential to dress appropriately for inclement weather conditions and climate at the specific job location to be adequately protected.

Your Safety Is Our Priority At US Industrial Demolition
Our company takes all the necessary measures of protection to ensure that our own and all our crew members safety protocols are followed and respected while on site. A carefully planned and executed demolition process needs to be thought out and adhered to by everyone.  Once proper safety measures are implemented, the risk of exposure to the typical accidents that occur on demolition projects can be significantly reduced for all employees as well as third-party contracts. This leads to more focus on the results and delivering the quality results that our clients are expecting.

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