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Machinery Rigging

US Machinery Movers – Machinery Rigging
Heavy Machinery Transport

About Our Heavy Machinery
Transport Service

If you have a project that involves plenty of heavy-duty industrial lifting, movement, or rigging, we can handle it for you. Take advantage of our comprehensive team of professionals and forget the need to deal with multiple contractors.

Every individual industrial rigging plan is customized to your situation. Our team will assess your project in order to encounter the most affordable, safest manner to take care of it. Do not think twice about the enormous size or heavy weight of your industrial rigging machine, rest assured we will deliver it where it is needed.


Reach out to us to obtain the proper information and your free estimate!
We are licensed and insured and can handle every step of the way. We guarantee to comply with the delivery time and will be transparent and communicative throughout the process.

Why Select Our Team of Machine Movers?

With our decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our highly-skilled team of expert machinery movers can move practically anything. We take care of everything from coordinating the necessary logistics and minute details, to soliciting and obtaining all necessary transportation permits and approvals to all the heavy lifting.

Customers recommend us thanks to our passion, expertise, and unique project approach that not only protects their equipment but also provides efficient, dependable moving services.

Rely on Industrial Demolition & Metal Management as your trusted partner for secure industrial machinery moving and industrial rigging. We will move your machining equipment as well as commercial and industrial machinery of practically every size, type, or weight both domestically and internationally while avoiding any production disruption.

Our Step-By-Step Machine Rigging Process

Contact us to see what we can do for your machine rigging requirements. We can discuss your project to assess your needs and provide you with a free quote.

Upon assessing what you need from your machine rigging, we can put together a plan quickly and present it to you for your approval.
Our machine rigging contractors will set up and prepare everything needed on site.
We will schedule the start of your machine rigging at a time that is convenient for you.
Upon completion of your machine rigging, we sweep the area clean before we leave.

Our machine rigging service is always handled safely by insured specialists with transport that is proven efficient and safe. And we fully inspect the site before and after the work is done.

What Types of Machinery Rigging Do We Provide?


Our team is dedicated to machinery transport residents can trust to move anything up to approximately 100 tons using our own equipment. We will help with disassembly and take down of your facility as well as moving it or transplanting it to a new location. Not only will we move your equipment, but we will also level it, anchor it, and have it prepared for use. We will even provide services to ensure that your equipment is completely operational.

Our heavy industrial machinery moving equipment counts on offers full-service solutions for our customers’ projects, all the way from original source to installation. We have a one-of-a-kind capacity to conquer any freight management hiccup. Not only do we offer heavy-haul tractors and trailers, we can also cover refrigerated, dry, and temperature protected items as well as sensitive medical equipment as well as our industrial rigging machine folks trust. Our wide variety of options means you can always expect affordable rates for our trucking service.

As Experts We Use Specialized
Heavy Machinery Moving Equipment

To perform this kind of fragile work requires many years of experience as well as access to all the necessary specialized equipment.

What Exactly is Included in Machinery Rigging?

You may have been shocked if you have ever driven past an industrial job site. Enormous equipment provides the force needed to completely transform our planet’s look through hoisting, excavating, and building component placement. Although this industrial machinery moving alone is rather impressive, what kind of vehicle do you think transported it to the job site in the first place.

Prior to transporting equipment from one location to the next, it is often necessary to break it down a bit in order to load it onto a vehicle. Large numbers of this type of machinery have dozens of parts that have to be disassembled prior to transport and reassembled at the job site. Although many operators are proficient in the use of these machines, they are rarely responsible for set-up and break-down tasks. As an expert equipment moving company, we employ professional millwrights who are in charge of ensuring that every part is correctly assembled in order to avoid any possibly safety issues.

Once the machinery has been prepared for transport, the following step is to hoist it onto the truck, which can be daunting. Although machines like front-end loaders and dump trucks can easily be driven up ramps, the process is more difficult with devices that do not have wheels. Many of these machines even weigh several tons. By providing industrial rigging services, our team of specialists will participate, and their only role is to ensure each part is professionally harnessed for loading and unloading.

Once a piece of equipment is prepared to go, the subsequent step is to transport it to the designated job site. Each machine is expertly loaded onto a properly sized truck and taken to the work area. In the case of an overall trailer that is bigger than a standard 18-wheeler, it must be treated as an oversized load and accompanied by an escort both leading and following the trucks. Only a skilled driver can truly navigate such a monster vehicle through busy city streets and highways.  For this reason, you should leave the moving to a specialist and our company specializes in the best machine moving and industrial rigging has to offer and takes care of just that!