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Heavy Equipment Transportation

Heavy Equipment Transportation Near Me Chicago
Construction Equipment Hauling & Heavy Equipment Shipping

Safe and efficient industrial moving and shipping is a tedious and complicated task that should be handled by professionals. Besides the potential danger of industrial moving, one needs to consider that this equipment is very expensive and damages could be costly. For these reasons, to avoid unnecessary problems, you can hire heavy equipment hauling near me Chicago to do it professionally. Whether you need construction equipment hauling near me Chicago or heavy farm equipment shipping, and anything in between, you can trust Industrial Demolition & Metal Management’s heavy haulers/heavy equipment transportation services do handle it all for you. We provide industrial moving to all kinds of equipment in the safest manner, at a great price, in good time. To ensure prompt delivery, you should book your heavy equipment hauling ahead of time, and on the day of delivery we will come to your location, where you can supervise loading if you wish, and load your heavy equipment to transport it to its destination. Avoid risks and liabilities by industrial moving yourself, and call our experts to ensure your equipment arrives at its next destination ready to work.


Heavy Equipment Transportanion – STEP BY STEP

Contact us for a free quote – we will go over details of your requirements to better assess your heavy equipment transportation needs.

Our team will quickly create a plan to present for your approval
Our contractors will set up on-site and prepare necessary work
Our team begin heavy equipment transportation on a mutually agreed upon date
After work is completed, all sites are left in broom-clean condition

Our heavy equipment hauling service is always safe, insured, controlled – we transport using the safest and most tried methods.

Preparation is key for Heavy Equipment Hauling Chicago

Safety checks before industrial moving can not be overlooked, especially since nearly 50% of accidents surrounding heavy equipment occur while loading and unloading of machinery. Taking the time to properly prepare for heavy equipment hauling and mitigating dangers and liabilities saves time, money, injuries, and maybe even lives. For this reason, here at Industrial Demolition & Metal Management we have a strict preparation process.

We make a Documented Risk Assessment for any heavy equipment transportation

Risk assessments demonstrate a thorough assessment of possible risks and how they will be managed when carrying out heavy equipment hauling Chicago. We always have one included in our industrial moving shipping protocol, completed by a senior manager or supervisor. This way you know we have carefully assessed the job, all equipment involved, transport timelines, weight loads, and other potential risks, and that we have protocol in place to address them.

As the best of heavy equipment shipping companies we always outfit sites With PPE

Safety should never be overlooked in any part of construction, which is why we always ensure proper PPE is used by crew at every stage of heavy equipment transportation. The documentation of PPE to be used is included in all risk assessment reports, and is strictly enforced, to ensure safety and to lower any liabilities associated with your heavy equipment hauling near me Chicago. We do not overlook PPE or cut corners to save time, we do it right.

We Inspect the Hauling Capacities of Trucks
or Trailers before heavy equipment hauling

Next up, we do a full inspection of the truck and trailer that will be doing the actual heavy equipment transport. The full industrial moving inspection includes the following.


Every tire is checked for tire pressure, tread condition, and any other factors that could influence safe and smooth transport.


We make sure that all lights – front, brake lights, signal lights – are properly connected and functioning.


Though always important, brakes must work perfectly with an oversized load as weight impacts breaking ability. We make sure your brakes are in great shape and ready for anything.

Tie-Down Points

We make sure that tie down points for the load follow all state regulations and will ensure safe transport of the load. Required number of points, how it is secured, and spacing will all be confirmed before loading and enforced upon loading. For example, many states’ require a minimum of four tie-down points for loads exceeding 10,000 lbs., each with its own binder or boomer and individual chains connected to trailer hitch points. Binders and boomer will also be inspected to make sure they are properly securing the load.


We confirm that weights being moved are within regulation, are appropriate for the tractor-trailer used, and are secured with the appropriate number of tie downs for that weight, often exceeding minimum regulations to be extra safe. Additionally, any moving parts are properly disarmed and secured down separately.

Industrial Demolition and Metal Management performs different heavy
equipment transportation

Though each type of equipment has specific requirements for its transportation, our team of experts can take care of all your heavy equipment hauling near me Chicago. You can rest assured that your equipment will arrive on time, ready to work. Below are some examples of heavy equipment we transport:




Wheel Loaders

Crawler Loaders







Street Sweepers

Motor Graders

Scissor & Boom Lifts

Forestry Equipment



Skid Steer Loaders

Heavy Equipment

Petrochemical Equipment

Chemical Equipment

OilField / Gas Plant Equipment

Dump Trucks

Choose Industrial Demolition & Metal Management for any
heavy equipment trasnport

Need some heavy equipment moved? Let our experienced contractors plan your ‘heavy haul’ job and take care of the details.
Common Heavy Haul Equipment:

  • Flatbed Truck Trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Heavy Haul Trailers

Every plan is custom made for your specific job. Our logistics team will formulate a plan that ensures smooth delivery in a timely manner. Heavy load transportation vehicles will be selected according to the best options for your machinery.