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Industrial Demolition & Metal Management


About Our Company

Industrial Demolition & Metal Management offers large scale industrial demolitions, relocation, decommissioning, removal, recycling, cleanup services, machinery rigging and hauling, machinery moving and more.Our team is comprised of experienced project managers and contractors, providing expert assessments and options industrial or commercial demolition projects of any size.

From power plant demolition projects to warehouse cleanups; full-scale interior demolitions & decommissions to rigging jobs. Eliminate the need for multiple contractors and let us put your demotion project on autopilot.

Sticking to a budget and working within the constraints provided in our estimates, we strive to thoroughly finish jobs on a tight time frame. Contact Industrial Demolition & Metal Management for a comprehensive, confidential estimate concerning any demolition projects.


We are aware that industrial demolition projects may become complex. Below is a general summary explaining the way in which our estimating and contracting process functions:

An estimator visits your site to perform a walkthrough
A plan is swiftly established and submitted to be approved by you
Any necessary specialized permissions or permits for dangerous products are attained
Contractors arrive on site to prepare for specific work, removal, and loading areas
Roll-offs are taken to designated areas
Demolition begins
Large machinery pieces are prepared and hauled to an appropriate disposal facility
Demolition stops and site cleanup starts
Site is handed over in broom-swept condition

Additional steps may be included for projects that are more complex. Once an initial estimate is made, we aim to provide you with a project that is as turnkey as possible

Since 1968 US Industrial Demolition has worked with some of the nation’s largest companies:

is a certified company that provides trusted demolition services

We are certified

We are a member of NDA

We are licensed

Our Employees are OSHA Certified – What does it mean?
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 mandates the issuance of the OSHA certification to companies that practice safe practices and outstanding performance in compliance with the stipulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. All hazardous industries are required by law to acquire an OSHA certification.
The OSHA certification is a guarantee that every company granted with the certificate is well-equipped to execute their services in a healthy and safe work environment for all their workers. The certificate holder is responsible for monitoring and reporting safety in the workplace and the legislative compliance of the standard practices in their respective field. The certificate holder is also required to attend additional training once or twice a year to maintain the certificate’s validity.

Our Membership in National Demolition Association is a Certificate of Reliability
The NDA is the official group in the demolition industry that oversees the activities of elected officials. They provide webinars, estimating courses, and intensive education sessions to professional industrial demolition contractors in Orland Park for enhanced background and continued learning in the field. The sessions are conducted by industry experts with intensive on-the-job experience. NDA aims to elevate the professional experiences and safe working environment of commercial demolition contractors from the Chicagoland starting from the practices applied by elected officials in their respective companies.

C21 is a governmental license required in the following services:
Moving buildings
Raising, lowering, cribbing, underpinning, demolishing, and removing structures with the foundations


We are demolition contractors offering same day quotes for emergency demolition projects. If a contractor is unable to fulfil their obligations with your project, we can arrive on-site the very same day. As a responsible demolition company, we can arrange and provide a wide range of options from site cleanup to full-scale demolition within 24 hours. Because every one of our emergency project response demolition contractors are in-house employees, we are able to organize and execute industrial and commercial projects of any magnitude in a timely manner.

We are a demolition company providing top of the line industrial demolition and metal management services such as large-scale demolition, metal management, heavy equipment transportation, machinery rigging, aluminum recycling, asbestos abatement, as well as relocation and recommissioning projects.

Our Service Process
We are aware that industrial demolition projects can be arduous. Below is a general summary of our estimation and contracting process:

  • One of our qualified estimators will do a walk-through on site.
  • Our team of demolition contractors will promptly develop and submit a plan and submit it for your approval.
  • If hazardous products are involved, our team will obtain any necessary specialized permits and permissions in order to manage them.
  • Our demolition contractors will establish themselves on site and organize necessary work, removal, and loading areas.
  • Roll-off bins will be installed in designated areas.
  • Our team initiates demolition.
  • Larger equipment and machinery parts are prepared and removed to an appropriate disposal facility.
  • Once demolition is completed, our team begins site cleanup.
  • Upon completion, all sites are left in broom clean condition.

In more complicated projects, additional steps may be included in the process. Our objective is to provide you with the smoothest experience possible as soon as we submitted our estimate.

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